Regulatory Disclosures

Our Commitment to You

Steer Inc. values you as a customer and we are committed to delivering outstanding advice, service, and products to its clients, with a strong emphasis on trust and transparency. To comply with regulatory standards and maintain our commitment to these values, Steer Inc. provides certain mandatory disclosures. Please take a moment to review the following four disclosures:

Privacy Statement

At Steer Inc., we appreciate your business and thank you for trusting us with your advisory and product needs. As our client, you share personal information with us, and we deeply respect that trust. We are committed to safeguarding your information. Click here to review how we collect, use, and protect your personal information

How We Get Paid

At Steer Inc., we take pride in the services we offer you, our valued client. We are compensated through various methods, primarily in the form of commissions, but in some cases, we receive contingency fees from insurance companies, as well as fees from clients or third parties in certain instances. Click this link to learn more about our compensation methods.

CISRO Conduct Sheet

The Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations (CISRO) has published the Principles of Conduct for Insurance Intermediaries to help ensure the fair treatment of customers in the life & health and property & casualty insurance sectors. Click the link above to review the Principles of Conduct document.

Broker Fact Sheet

As a customer, you have the right to receive professional advice from a broker who is well-informed about the products they offer. You also have the right to be treated with fairness and integrity. RIBO, our governing body, has published a Fact Sheet About Your Insurance Broker, to help you understand your rights when dealing with a licensed insurance broker.